Baby A’s Monkey Hat

 These photos were taken by my friend and fellow-photographer, Mary Pasicatan. Isn’t her 3-month-old daughter precious?? I made this little monkey hat for her as a belated “Welcome to the World” gift, and I love the photos Mary took, so thought I would share them here… 

Check out Mary’s blog here.

Interested in making your own monkey hat? Check out The Fuzzy Noggin’ Etsy shop for this pattern, and many others!

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Mary PasicatanJanuary 31, 2011 - 1:42 am

You're soo sweet! Thank you for the compliments…and beautiful monkey hat! We adore it!!

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Calling All Little Monsters…{A Monster-Themed Birthday Party!}

Know what I love just about as much as the next fraternity boy?…Theme parties! Though my tastes have changed over the years…Give me a kids’ theme party with activities, food, and festive cupcakes to boot, and I’m about as happy as can be! My sister planned a “Little Monsters” party for her son’s Second Birthday and it was a huge hit!…Admittedly we got a lot of the ideas (including the title) from this super-crafty lady’s blog {Hi! I don’t know you…Hope you don’t mind! ;-)} as well as this year’s BHG’s “Halloween” magazine issue {it was chock-full of good ideas!}. So, for some theme-party fun, check out the following photos…

Calling all Crafty Monsters!…My sister set up a Creative Station for the kids to decorate their own little monster puppets.

Time to blow out the candle!……and devour the cupcakes…

Time to open presents!…(Above Right: The monster hat I made for my nephew, courtesy of the awesome pattern “Silly Monster Hat” I found by The Fuzzy Noggin’…I love this lady’s patterns!)

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[…] out the blog next week to see this hat transformed into a “Little Monster” […]

[…] had the idea for this post before I actually made this monster hat and took these photos of Baby O. The funny thing is, she was actually a complete angel when I took […]

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An Engagement Party

I was honored to attend Jackie & Shaun’s Engagement Party…It was gorgeous and literally everyone there {family and friends} were the nicest people you could imagine. I was so impressed at how many people serenaded the lovely couple…what a talented group! I’m posting a few of my favorite photos, taken when we snuck off for a few cozy engagement-style shots of just the two of them. It was the middle of a blazing-bright day, so not ideal conditions for an outdoor portrait session, but we managed to find some shade with some directional light and I was quite pleased! {I loved the edge lighting provided by the sun in these photos…And how incredibly happy Jackie looks in the first one.} …

Geez, what a cute couple! Congratulations, Shaun & Jackie!

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Baby C

Wow, she is just adorable! Congratulations to our dear friends on their newest addition, pictured here at two weeks of age. 

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danielaFebruary 23, 2015 - 6:54 am

Bellissime foto ed atmosfere sognati!

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