Easy Hippie-Style Headband | Houston Portrait Photographer for Kids, Families & Newborns

Good morning, Ladies & Gents! So, do you recall my recent post about all of my favorite beginner’s level crochet hat patterns? Well, one of the hats I raved about was the monkey hat pattern. This is the flower from that hat. I simply snipped it off one day (don’t worry…it’s very easy to re-attach with the matching pink yarn!) and I hot-glued it to a 1/4″ thick piece of elastic. The elastic was purchased at my local fabric store, JoAnn’s. I simply measured Baby O’s head and cut the elastic 1″ longer than her head circumference. I overlapped that amount on my elastic and made several tight stitches with needle and thread. Super duper easy. I then literally just glued this baby to the elastic. You could certainly stitch it on as well, for more durability, but I elected to glue it.

I love the hippie-style of this headband. I think it would be really, really cute for a girl to wear in a child and family portrait session. IF you live in the area and are considering booking a session with me, keep in mind that I love being a part of the styling process for your shoot. Don’t be surprised if I offer to make one of these crocheted headbands to go with your family’s ensembles for our photo session!

We hopped over to the park yesterday afternoon to take a few quick photos of this headband. Baby O was in a good mood; Just not in the mood for photos. She enjoyed eating goldfish out of her cool new “big girl” cup. And, when the “Big Kids” (a group of 7 year old boys) came running by, she was just completely intrigued…

Then she started doing this and I laughed, thinking about what a full-fledged “toddler” she’s become lately. She’s no longer a Baby, that’s for sure. She’s got spunk and personality.

Only a few moments more of good will before we had to take off to the playground, to see what the Big Kids were up to. Her pink stuffed animal came with of course.

I’m very interested in photo styling. I indeed think this headband would be adorable for a photo session. I also think it’s fun to look at examples of coordinating family wardrobes, not for the purpose of trying to match someone else’s style (No, Sir!), but for the sake of getting some overall inspiration. Want a sneak peek of the “What to Wear” page I am putting together? It will soon be easy to find, under the “Information” tab of the main menu. But, for now, I’m working on adding images and making it faster (it takes a while to load the page). Anyway, here it is, if you’d like to check it out. Fun photo-friendly clothing ideas abound!

(Note: I would love feedback on the What to Wear page, if you have any thoughts, particularly in terms of the speed and user-friendliness of it.)

I hope you’re having an awesome week. I’m really looking forward to my photo sessions this weekend…If all goes well, I’m photographing a Cupid & a Cowboy…How fun is that? Sneak Peeks next week! XOXO

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Renee FosterFebruary 8, 2012 - 10:30 am

These photos are so sweet of Olive, especially the one with the pink bear. I love her cute shoes. Where did you get them?

Debbie BishopFebruary 8, 2012 - 1:55 pm

Baby Offie is so cute! And you are such a great photographer!

MarieFebruary 9, 2012 - 9:34 pm

I am so glad you told me about your blog! I am need a new read.

She is such a cutie and looks like she is so sweet. Love the headband!! (hope you get yours soon…:) )

Jane MarieFebruary 10, 2012 - 9:30 am

Hi Marie, Thank you so much! We just got the headbands in the mail and they are GORGEOUS! I’m going to post about them here soon. Your blog and etsy shop are awesome!

Jane MarieFebruary 10, 2012 - 11:53 am

Oh, thank you Renee. I know, she sure does love her pink stuffed animals! The shoes are from Target.

Valentine’s Day Fun | Houston Baby, Child & Family Portrait Photographer

We don’t do a lot to celebrate Valentine’s Day, at least not in the traditional sense (involving flowers, chocolates, Hallmark cards and dinner reservations). But, we always have a picnic in the park with french bread and cheeses. The first year we did this, my husband asked me what my favorite cheese was so that he could be sure to get it for our spread. I paused and thought for a moment before replying, “the orange kind”. He still teases me about that. Well, I’ve come a long way since then. I am now something of a cheese aficionado (or like to pretend I am). My current favorite is cranberry-white cheddar, in fact…how’s that for sophistication?

Well, I thought I’d do a fun little post here with links to some of the cute Valentine’s Day ideas I’ve seen on the web. They are somewhat low-key and fun. I hope you’ll enjoy them (links below).

Top to Bottom & Left to Right:

1. Eat Drink Chic‘s super sweet idea for a “Couch  Picnic” date. The link includes free printables.

2. Pass the Pizza! What a cute idea…perhaps for your Couch Picnic date! You can cut your vegetables into the shape of hearts instead. Want a great homemade pizza crust recipe? I love this one.

3. Sweet saying, especially coming from an artist.

4. Heart-shaped pancakes? Yes please!

5. Bouquet of giant yellow flags? Oh, that would totally make me smile.

6. Yum Yum!…This cupcake looks deelicious.

7. Naturally Sweet Valentines…perfectly healthy.

8. Don’t these cookies look awesome? I thought they would be really difficult to make, but the tutorial makes it look rather straight-forward.

9. These heart-shaped pillows would be a great prop for Engagement or Wedding Photos. They would also look cute on a guest bed.

Some fun ideas, all around. Hope you’re having a great Monday!

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Babies Love Technology | Houston Baby & Children’s Photographer

Okay, seriously, you know how exciting it is when you get a new toy? Like a new, upgraded, phone, or even a new app that you just love? Well, that’s how I feel about the new blog layout I’ve been working on. Seriously, I can’t wait to launch it! I’m like a kid…soo impatient…but I have yet to work out a few kinks, so I’ll wait until I can make it a bit more awesome, and user-friendly.

Speaking of kids and new toys, our little one year old has taken quite a liking to smart phones these days. Seriously, no matter how cranky she’s being, how badly she’s teething, etc, she just lights up if you let her hold your phone.

She even carries toys around that are roughly the size of phones and cradles them or holds them up to her ear and makes babbling noises. I find myself wondering if this is really what I look & sound like, from her perspective…

Well, just a short one today! I have some fun posts in the coming weeks, and hope you’ll check ‘em out. Have an awesome weekend! XOXO

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Sneak Peek from Outdoor Family Portrait Session | Houston Baby, Children, & Family Photographer

I had such a nice photo shoot on Sunday with this sweet Family. We had been corresponding by emails prior to our session and I felt like I knew them already. I heard about Big Brother’s many interests, but was even more impressed to see them in person…What a smart, engaged, well-rounded little guy! He can play the guitar…


…and football (Seriously, don’t the below photos seem like foreshadowing?…I can just imagine him playing football on a team when he’s older – He already knows just how to pose.)…

…and he loves to read with his Mama…

And what about Little Brother (below)? Well, he is pretty amazing too! We found out later that he had a fever during our session, but you wouldn’t know it here…He managed to put on quite a smile!

What a cute family!

Thank you to the Z Family! I had a wonderful time meeting you all…I’ll be contacting you about your proofing gallery shortly!

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful week. Today marks the beginning of February…Oh so many things to look forward to this month. More soon!


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DIY Valentine’s Yarn Wreath | Houston Baby, Children, & Family Portrait Photographer

Happy Monday! I have a good feeling about this week…I think it’s going to be pretty great, and for no particular reason. Maybe it’s the sunshine outside as I write this. Anyway, here is a short & sweet little tutorial on making your own quick & easy Valentine’s Day Wreath…Spruce up your front door with something festive! For less than $10 and a short evening of crafting…Why not?

Step one…Find a hay wreath at your local craft store. I’ve found them at both Michael’s and JoAnn’s Fabric stores. They are approximately $2.50. At the same store you can find sheets of colored felt for .50-.80 cents per sheet. Get some in the colors you like. Also grab a ball of yarn (up to $5.00, you’ll use half of it). If you don’t already have it, you can find fabric glue or a glue gun here as well. While at the store, you can pick out some miscellaneous ribbons and fabric scraps or raid your own stash (if you have one)…Here was my assortment of supplies at the beginning of the project…

Step Two: Tie a tight knot on the backside of your wreath. Leave the plastic wrap on the wreath as this makes it easier to wrap.

Step Three: Put on a good t.v. show. This part is ideal for the evening, perhaps after the kiddies have gone to bed (if you have kiddies)…I put on Modern Family (love that show!) and a few other sitcoms while wrapping this guy. So, no glue needed…Just wrap and wrap your yarn around your wreath. It certainly needn’t be perfect. Tie it in a knot at the end (on the backside of the wreath).

Below Left: The wreath once it’s been all wrapped up…

Below Right: I cut my felt sheets into fours like this. I made my felt flowers almost exactly as depicted in this great tutorial. I cut them out in a wave-y manner (thinking it would look like petals, or at least to make you think of petals…). Again, great evening t.v.-time activity…

I made 10 felt flowers, using a few sheets of felt. I then set the project aside for a week, while coming up with what to do next. I went back to my fabric stash and found these two lovely vintage hankies ($2 each on Etsy). I love the teal trim and I’ve always loved red and teal together, so thought I’d give this a try and keep it simple…

Below Left: My favorite hankie, tied (not glued) on to the wreath.

Below Right: A close up of the flowers after I glued them onto the wreath (Note: I didn’t glue them to the hankie at all, in case I want to reuse it later for another project…I could then turn the red & white wreath into something Christmas-y for instance….

And that’s it! I just tied the second hankie to the top so that the wreath can hang from it.

I kept mine plain & simple, but you can imagine there are tons of great variations out there.

Hope you’re having a Happy Monday! I’m off to do a Family Photo Session at Terry Hershey Park. I hope to post a sneak peek of it later this week. Thanks for reading!

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MarcyJanuary 30, 2012 - 2:08 pm

I've done two of the now – one for Halloween and one for Christmas – didn't you find the wrapping to be tedious and a bit of a PITA?

janemarieblogJanuary 30, 2012 - 2:17 pm

Haha, I've never heard that term, "PITA", before. That made me laugh. I tend to like repetitious things like that…I love an excuse to spend the evening watching TV, while still feeling productive & a wee bit creative. ;-) I'd love to see your wreaths…Can you send me a link?

marcyJanuary 30, 2012 - 3:57 pm

Oh, I haven't bothered to blog about them yet. I used this pin for Halloween http://pinterest.com/pin/159314905537780271/ and this one for the Christmas one http://pinterest.com/pin/159314905537867805/