Wildflower Season – Now Booking Sessions | Houston Portrait Photographer

I hear we have reason to believe our wildflower season here in the Houston-Area will be somewhat good this year! (Check out the showing two years ago, when I took this portrait…)

Fingers crossed for something similar! Let’s book some Child and Family Outdoor Portrait Sessions to take advantage of this great time of year (before it gets super hot, and while there are some pretty wildflowers to bask in)!  I’m now scheduling the following prime-wildflower weekend dates;

Friday, March 23

Sunday, March 25

Friday, March 30

Saturday, March 31st

Sunday, April 1st

Friday, April 6th

Morning and Evening Time Slots are available. Some weekday sessions are available as well (just ask me about the dates you have in mind). Please check out my pricing here. Call or email with any questions and I’ll promptly send you the Product Guide, the Family Style Guide, and my own little list of questions for you…So we can personalize your session!

As a fun bonus (and because I love these little albums), book one of the above dates by March 14th and receive a set of three 3″x3″ mini-accordion albums with some of the best images from your session (a $160 value)…Perfect as gifts for the Grandparents, something for the Easter basket perhaps, or for you to carry with you to work…Whip out adorable photos of your kids at a moment’s notice!…

I hope you’re looking forward to a great weekend. The weather (here in Houston) is supposed to be GORGEOUS!! Since it’s the last weekend before my husband’s new job on Monday, we’re trying to decide where to go tomorrow; a nearby State Park, Arboretum, or Beach…They’re all a bit of a drive, but only one involves lounging around in our bathing suits…Hm…

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Crazy, Lazy Days | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

Alright, so it’s a little bit of a “cop out”. We’ve been anything but lazy lately, truth be told. But, I felt compelled to just post some miscellaneous photos from the past few weeks. I’ve photographed two weddings, several wonderful portrait sessions (oh my goodness, I love them!), my husband is about to start a new job, Baby O is going through all kinds of developmental changes (and I am starting to look into options for school or a nanny a few hours a week…oh boy!), and, well, actually, I suppose that’s about it. But still, somehow it has seemed busier than usual around here this month. I’ve been trying to make more of an effort each day to step back and just really be in the moment. Having a funny little one like O really helps in this way. She’s pretty comical (except when she’s having one of her new temper tantrums…those I’m not very fond of).

And so, I’m posting a tiny collage, brought to you by “Instagram”. Seriously, I really enjoy this app on my iPhone. It’s neat that the phone camera can help capture a lot of small daily moments that I might have missed otherwise. It obviously doesn’t come close to duplicating a professional camera, but you know what I mean, I’m sure…

L-R & T-B: Playing together during a Wedding Day Brunch for our dear friends; My Grocery-Shopping Companion loooves my sunglasses – They cheer her right up when she’s having a melt down.; Sleepy Girl – Amazing how easily she falls asleep in the car…If only I didn’t have to wake her to get out.; Baby’s first balloon! They were handing them out at Randalls and she was lovin’ it.; Me with my camera, taken on my friend’s iPhone…Is it me or do my hands look huge?; Rainy weather…Good thing we came prepared! It’s been raining a lot here lately!

Want to bear with me for a little more randomness today? Well, I wanted to share this recipe because I absolutely LOOVED it!! It was so easy to follow and it is seriously the most delicious bread I’ve ever made (okay, so I haven’t made very many yet, at least not from scratch). But this is a new family favorite. Try it if you will. It takes a little “learning” the first go around, but then you get familiar with the recipe and can repeat it every few weeks (at least that’s my goal). It actually makes a perfect “sandwich bread”.

I sliced mine in thin slices, a la store-bought sandwich bread, and froze half of it in a freezer bag once it was cool. The other half went quickly…think honey on warm bread or butter and cinnamon sugar on toast. YUM! Perhaps you will enjoy, and/or check out some of the other tempting recipes on the site.

And now a few questions…Do you have a favorite “smarty” phone app? Or a favorite bread recipe for that matter? I would love to hear!

Thanks for bearing with me. I love this little blog and am planning some fun posts in the coming weeks. I hope you’re having a wonderful week (and definitely taking time to relax and enjoy the little things when possible).

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What a Guy | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

Oh, what a cute one! Check out that near mohawk (Below-Right). It was so great to see my sweet friend, Kara, and her darling kiddos at the park on Friday. The occasion? Little Brother’s 9 Month Portraits!

Haha, you’ve got to love these expressions….

The next few images are some of my favorites, from a Mom-perspective anyway. Maybe because I’m always the one behind the camera in our household…I really cherish photos of myself interacting with Baby O & I think images of Parent & Child connections are priceless! {Hm, maybe I can get my husband to take photos of just me & O soon!}…

Wow, what a cool little guy. He loved playing with the pine needles, rocks, and dirt!…

…And “racing” with his Big Brother…

Thank you again, Kara & Family! It was such a pleasure seeing you all and I hope you enjoy this “Sneak Peek” from your Session! I’d love to hear if you have a favorite image.

Have a wonderful start to the week!

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KaraFebruary 27, 2012 - 6:27 pm

Oh I love love love them!!! They are all so beautiful. Thank you so much for capturing these images…there are definitely some framers!!

BethFebruary 27, 2012 - 8:02 pm

Jane, these pictures are beautiful. I love the black and white with Kara and Davis. It was great seeing you!

An { Earthy, Vintage, Country } Austin Wedding – The Rehearsal

See these lovely ladies? Well, the one on the right is Mama B…Let’s call her that for now anyway. Mama B was my math teacher in High School…How cool is that? She & her husband became fast friends with my parents and the rest is history. Fast forward many years and Mr. B was literally the first person to come visit us at the hospital when our daughter, Baby O, was born. They are truly dear family friends.

And so I was thrilled to be hired to photograph their baby‘s Wedding Day! Meet Jessica (on the left)…Mama & Mr. B’s “Baby”, and Ryan’s Beautiful Bride…

I was even more thrilled about the photography the more I learned about their exciting wedding day plans! The ceremony was at Star Hill Ranch, just outside Austin, Texas. The theme was something along the lines of Vintage, Earthy, Country. I was in love.

In order to make a weekend out of it, I drove up there the day beforehand with my family to get settled into our condo and to check out the happy couple {and the lighting} at the rehearsal. Here is what I found… …Super sweet, carefully planned details, such as this Goody Bag for Out-of-Town Guests {that is a wedding-dress-shaped beer opener!} and wonderful wedding party members. Pictured above-right, one of the two Flower Girls.

Below, here is a glimpse at all of the goodies inside the Goody Bag. Complete with a CD (of the band who played at their ceremony/reception), a map, and plenty of yummy late-night snacks… Gift Bag for Wedding Guests

I stole a few quick photos of them (lovin’ the Texas flag behind them)… And I got a sneak peek at how beautiful their rings are…I was indeed feeling lucky to be the one to photograph their Big Day…

Ring Bearer Ceramic Dish Wedding

Gorgeous! At this point, the day before the Wedding, we were all hoping for clear skies. The couple had planned for an outdoor ceremony, and yet the weather looked ominous….Stay tuned for more!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend…Get out there and enjoy the Great Outdoors!


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Ball-Theme Birthday Invites | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

I can hardly believe my little nephew is nearly One. Over the past few months he’s really become so active. He crawls quickly and pushes toy balls around happily…He pulls up, he stands unsupported, and he even takes some experimental steps. I suspect he will be quite the athlete!

My older sister thought it would be fun to plan a ball theme party for his First Birthday. She was inspired by this lady’s party and I offered to help make the invitations, based off of the invitation from that party.

However, we had to take the photos promptly in order to get the invites out in time. The setting isn’t totally ideal for it, but I brought Baby O over (to my sister’s house) and set to work, getting the scene ready for the Birthday Boy…

Baby O’s Big Cousin doesn’t particularly like having his photo taken (I think he even said something funny, along the lines of, “It makes me feel uncomfortable”, or something equally profound and relatable). So, no on posing for photos, but he does like helping to set the scene…Here he is, moving the colored toy balls around just so…

Ah, my two little helpers were so sweet. Oh hello, lovely!…

Kind of loving this next one…

Baby T is ready for his close-up!…Baby O has to show him how she loads the toy balls into the bumbo seat first…

Seriously, have you seen such a cute little tyke in a baby boy tie before? I just love it!! And look how perfectly the tie matches the colored balls…Not to mention those bright blue eyes…

I hope to go through the rest of Baby T’s photos soon as well. In the meantime, here is the invite we put together, using these two photos…

I think it will be a really fun party! Next task…Coming up with themed decorations.  I will try to post photos of all of the details after the fact. I do looove theme parties!

Have a good one!

{p.s. Apologies for my delayed posting today. I typically post first thing in the morning Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays. However, I ended up coming down with something that my family had been passing around. I thought I had managed to miss this one, but no such luck! Anyway, we’re all much better now. Big smiles…}

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Debbie BishopFebruary 23, 2012 - 9:35 am

Love it! Not biased or anything!

adminFebruary 23, 2012 - 9:40 am

Um, seriously, Baby T is adorable!! I can’t wait to go through more of his photos. “Big Cousin” is sooo cute too…especially when he is focused on something…I love love his expressions.

[…] Hi there! Alright, please excuse the less than stellar lighting here…I was sort of winging it in an effort to be quick & efficient about it (had to get back to to “Momming”). But, I wanted to be sure to share the details, in the event that any one out there is planning a “Ball Theme” Birthday Party and is eager to see some of the things my Sister did for her Son’s! (In case you didn’t see the earlier post, here is a look at the Invitations we did for this party.) […]

NicoleOctober 26, 2013 - 9:31 pm

Where did you get the ball invitations?

adminOctober 27, 2013 - 11:23 am

Hi Nicole,
I actually made them in Photoshop. It was fairly simple – if you use Photoshop I can give you basic instructions for them. ;-)

NicoleOctober 27, 2013 - 11:29 am

Bummer!! I don’t have photoshop. LOVE the invites!!! Is it a template you could send me?

adminOctober 27, 2013 - 11:37 am

Unfortunately, I don’t have the working file anymore, only the finished/flattened file. When is the birthday party?

NicoleOctober 27, 2013 - 12:20 pm

Early dec send them out early November.

Link Party #10August 6, 2014 - 11:00 am

[…]  Jane Marie Blog shared this adorable birthday party invite. Both kids have birthdays in the upcoming month so I am on the prowl for ideas, this is so cute, and how much fun would that photo shoot be? […]