Baby M is Turning One | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

This was such a fun session! In the process of planning it, I felt like M’s Mom became a friend. She shares my love for Anthropologie clothing (yes!!), themed kids’ parties, and is herself a relatively New Mama (to a super cute about-to-be-One-Year-Old). Indeed, we have much in common. We texted back and forth a dozen times, sending phone pics of props and clothing ideas prior to the session. Then, come session date, it was FREEZING out (Okay, well, freezing by our Houstonian standards. Let’s just say it was COLD.).

We rescheduled for a warmer day and I’m glad we did…because it was gorgeous out!…The kind of weather you dream about when you think about a family photo session in the park…

Ooo la la, I love these next two (below). I was so excited to find this perfect sunlight…

Okay, so Baby M is having a “Cowboy” Birthday Party, or at least that was the main idea at the time we planned the session…M’s Great Grandfather passed down these awesome cowboy boots and M’s Mom had this idea for a cute photo of him holding a “Happy Birthday to Me” sign (I think the original idea came from this blog post about a first birthday party.). I got the hay bales at the local feed store (and then carried them around in my car for a week…I’ve grown accustomed to the smell…It’s like the smell of Tea X 1,000) and I made this little bunting banner out of quilting fabric. Fun! But, best of all…Check out this handsome Birthday Boy…Talk about a cutie!…

By the way, M’s Dad did not condone us putting Baby M in only a diaper and boots. Poor little guy…Good thing he was modest and hid behind the chalkboard for the most part! See the blue diaper cover (above)…It’s from Mother Earth Baby, a great online store for cloth diapers and more. Sorry Dad, I just couldn’t resist these last few…Look how happy Baby M is when Mom tickles his belly…

Well, I had a great time working with this sweet, loving family! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep your fingers crossed for more lovely weather. XOXO

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Mariellen RigbyFebruary 17, 2012 - 8:14 am

JANE I LOVE THEM!!!! I think you captured his personality PERFECTLY!!! I cannot wait to see the rest. You were so amazing to work with!! Thank you for being so accommodating and totally feeling out my ideas. I look forward to many more photo sessions and possibly mom/baby outings!!

Debbie BishopFebruary 17, 2012 - 2:25 pm

So cute! Baby T can’t wait for his photoshoot!

[...] (cropping/posing-wise) to the photos I took of each parent with their little man last year, around his first birthday …It makes it easier to see how much he’s grown over the past year (plus, it’s [...]

bobbijoApril 24, 2013 - 9:51 am

what a cute session!

It’s a Family Affair | Houston Portrait Photographer

Yes, I was channeling the song lyrics when I wrote the blog post title just now….”It’s a Family Affair…”. I don’t know why, it just popped in my head. So, it’s Valentine’s evening as I type this. Time’s gotten away from me this week, so this is just a short post…

I had an amazingly fun photo session in the park just now with a lovely family. The weather (a far cry from this past weekend’s chill) was gorgeous! I hope to do a sneak peek from that session on Friday.

Family Outdoor PortraitThese lovely photos are of Ryan & Kristi. I photographed their stunning wedding at Hotel ZaZa in November. These were from their Engagement Session earlier in the year. I just stumbled across them and realized I hadn’t posted them yet. I absolutely love how sweet they are with their dogs. I like that these look like proper Family Portraits, with their furry family members. What lucky dogs, and what a handsome, sweet, and generous couple. I hope to post photos from their wedding eventually as well…As you can imagine, it was Beautiful.

Outdoor Photo with Dogs

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Well, that’s it for today…We’re walking to dinner with our little girl for a fun treat. I can’t wait…I think we’re having sushiiii!!! I hope you’re having a great week.

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A Valentine’s Day Giveaway | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

Okay, who among you hasn’t had a creative idea before, only to have your best plans thwarted by events out of your control? I was bound and determined to photograph a Cupid & a Cowboy this weekend (milestone photo shoots for two very special clients’ kids), however the Houston weather would not cooperate. Would you believe it was too cold? Seriously, I can hardly believe it myself, but indeed it was. I guess that groundhog knew a thing or two afterall. Friday was miserably rainy and Saturday and Sunday were unexpectedly frigid. Why, it was downright winter-y (quite unusual for us this year). We brought Baby O to the park anyway, thinking I could manage to get a few cute Valentine’s-themed photos of her…

Valentine…You can tell from her facial expressions that it was a bit too cold for comfort, so we didn’t stay too long…still, what a trooper. I rather love this girl….

ValentineKnow who else I love? My awesome little sister! She is, among other wonderful things, a Stella & Dot Independent Stylist. She sells gorgeous jewelry and loves explaining the ins-and-outs to her customers…what piece goes with what, and how to maximize your purchase. This week she is doing a super cool giveaway here on the blog…

ValentineOne reader will win $25 Credit to Stella & Dot jewelry. The winner will be announced in next Monday morning’s post…Curious what $25 will get you at Stella & Dot? Well, a few of my very favorite items are near the price range…Birthstone charms for you or your babies are $19 each, and what about a “MOM” or “SISTER” charm? They’re $34 each. Perhaps best of all is the dress-up jewelry that packs a huge statement in one classy little box.


To enter the drawing, simply;

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Winner will be chosen on Sunday evening and announced in next Monday morning’s post.

Simple as that….It’s Valentine’s Day (almost)….And you deserve something nice (If you’re a guy…Seriously, it’s a great way to get a gift for the lady in your life as well…).


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{Resources: Headband by A Little Lady, Jean Jacket by Baby Gap, Skirt by Me, Tights & Shoes from Target, Twig Cupid’s Arrow made with twig & felt, Sweet & Snuggly Afghan Blanket from His Pearl}

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Zhanna KurmanovaFebruary 13, 2012 - 3:58 pm

That is a very cool promotional gift, very creative:) hope to get one of those and get to wear that amazing jewelery! ^_^

StephanieFebruary 14, 2012 - 3:29 pm

Best giveaway ever!! I love Stella and Dot! I’m crossing my fingers that my husband got me the “Love” pendant and my daughter’s birthstone for my birthday :)

[...] case you missed Monday’s post, please check it out….We’re doing a Stella & Dot giveaway…One lucky reader will win a $25 credit toward a Stella & Dot jewelry purchase through [...]

Jane MarieFebruary 15, 2012 - 10:40 am

Aw, how sweet! I have my daughter’s birthstone too…and the “Mom” charm. So pretty.

MarieFebruary 15, 2012 - 7:06 pm

I love Stella and Dot. What a fun giveaway!! Would love to win.

[...] do it again in the future, perhaps prior to Mother’s Day). In case you didn’t see last week’s posts about it, I advertised that readers could enter for a chance to win a $25 credit towards Stella [...]

[...] Don’t forget about the Stella & Dot Giveaway ($25 Credit) – Two quick clicks to enter & the winner is announced in Monday’s [...]

Personalized Cupcake Flags | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Well, not a ton at once…I know they pack a punch!…But one special one here or there is a really nice treat, don’t you think? My husband has been particularly awesome lately. He is so supportive & encouraging. I felt the need to surprise him with something small and random today, so I left this cupcake by his computer (for when he got home from work). It was impulsive, so I just scribbled my personalized flag…cut it out freestyle, and then used double-sided tape to wrap it around the toothpick. I actually talked about it in a little more detail in this post from last year.

The thing is, I LOVE impulsively making paper flags for cupcakes, muffins (heart-shaped toppers here), even to label side dishes I bring to parties (so that people know what that funny-looking casserole dish is). I always do them by hand, but I thought I’d whip up some easy printables for ‘ya, in the event that you like the idea. One is blank, so you could easily fill in your own message. Bear with me, I was in a goofy mood when writing these.

Free PrintablesThis one is for Baby O (below). Don’t worry, I’ll only let her have a little taste. Otherwise she’d be bouncing off the walls…

Celebrity Cupcakes

These gorgeous cupcakes are from our local bakery, “Celebrity Cupcakes“. I just love them. If you live in Houston, you should check them out. {My favorite flavor is “hummingbird”.}

Download the free printables here for personalized cupcake toppers. Not just for cupcakes…Try them in pancakes as well!

Free PrintablesHave a great weekend!

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MaryFebruary 10, 2012 - 10:59 am

Adorable Jane!

Jane MarieFebruary 10, 2012 - 11:49 am

Thanks Mary!…Would be cute on Ava too!

[...] You can even make some cupcake flags for your Valentine. [...]

Easy Hippie-Style Headband | Houston Portrait Photographer for Kids, Families & Newborns

Good morning, Ladies & Gents! So, do you recall my recent post about all of my favorite beginner’s level crochet hat patterns? Well, one of the hats I raved about was the monkey hat pattern. This is the flower from that hat. I simply snipped it off one day (don’t worry…it’s very easy to re-attach with the matching pink yarn!) and I hot-glued it to a 1/4″ thick piece of elastic. The elastic was purchased at my local fabric store, JoAnn’s. I simply measured Baby O’s head and cut the elastic 1″ longer than her head circumference. I overlapped that amount on my elastic and made several tight stitches with needle and thread. Super duper easy. I then literally just glued this baby to the elastic. You could certainly stitch it on as well, for more durability, but I elected to glue it.

I love the hippie-style of this headband. I think it would be really, really cute for a girl to wear in a child and family portrait session. IF you live in the area and are considering booking a session with me, keep in mind that I love being a part of the styling process for your shoot. Don’t be surprised if I offer to make one of these crocheted headbands to go with your family’s ensembles for our photo session!

We hopped over to the park yesterday afternoon to take a few quick photos of this headband. Baby O was in a good mood; Just not in the mood for photos. She enjoyed eating goldfish out of her cool new “big girl” cup. And, when the “Big Kids” (a group of 7 year old boys) came running by, she was just completely intrigued…

Then she started doing this and I laughed, thinking about what a full-fledged “toddler” she’s become lately. She’s no longer a Baby, that’s for sure. She’s got spunk and personality.

Only a few moments more of good will before we had to take off to the playground, to see what the Big Kids were up to. Her pink stuffed animal came with of course.

I’m very interested in photo styling. I indeed think this headband would be adorable for a photo session. I also think it’s fun to look at examples of coordinating family wardrobes, not for the purpose of trying to match someone else’s style (No, Sir!), but for the sake of getting some overall inspiration. Want a sneak peek of the “What to Wear” page I am putting together? It will soon be easy to find, under the “Information” tab of the main menu. But, for now, I’m working on adding images and making it faster (it takes a while to load the page). Anyway, here it is, if you’d like to check it out. Fun photo-friendly clothing ideas abound!

(Note: I would love feedback on the What to Wear page, if you have any thoughts, particularly in terms of the speed and user-friendliness of it.)

I hope you’re having an awesome week. I’m really looking forward to my photo sessions this weekend…If all goes well, I’m photographing a Cupid & a Cowboy…How fun is that? Sneak Peeks next week! XOXO

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Renee FosterFebruary 8, 2012 - 10:30 am

These photos are so sweet of Olive, especially the one with the pink bear. I love her cute shoes. Where did you get them?

Debbie BishopFebruary 8, 2012 - 1:55 pm

Baby Offie is so cute! And you are such a great photographer!

MarieFebruary 9, 2012 - 9:34 pm

I am so glad you told me about your blog! I am need a new read.

She is such a cutie and looks like she is so sweet. Love the headband!! (hope you get yours soon…:) )

Jane MarieFebruary 10, 2012 - 9:30 am

Hi Marie, Thank you so much! We just got the headbands in the mail and they are GORGEOUS! I’m going to post about them here soon. Your blog and etsy shop are awesome!

Jane MarieFebruary 10, 2012 - 11:53 am

Oh, thank you Renee. I know, she sure does love her pink stuffed animals! The shoes are from Target.