Family, Friends, & Warm Bread | Houston Portrait Photographer

Super short post today, as we’ve just gotten back in town from a wonderful long weekend with Family. (Well, okay, I actually stayed behind for a friend’s Wedding Reception, and then joined them Sunday morning.) My family celebrates Easter and, as part of the tradition, my Mom always bakes this amazing Easter Bread. As we’ve gotten older, and branched off into families of our own, she often has to double the recipe just to have enough to send some home with each of us. A slice of warm Easter bread with a little melted butter is Ah…Maze…Ing! Perhaps the fact that we only have it once a year makes it all the more special…

If you’d like this recipe, let me know and I’ll ask if I can post it here for all to enjoy. I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend…Have a great Monday! XOXO

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Play Day | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

I have some adorable nephews…I’ve gotta say! This is O’s Little Cousin, Baby T. He is eating one of the deeelicious oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies my sister brought over. Mmmm…

…I ate several of them too and I laughed and patted my tummy and said, “Mmmm, cookie monster!”. To which O’s Big Cousin said, “Cookie Monster? We have a cookie monster at our house too!”. I thought he might be referring to my fellow sweet-tooth sister, his Mom. But, apparently he meant they really do have a stuffed animal cookie monster. Well, here in my house, I eat more than my share of fresh-baked cookies…I am the resident “cookie monster”!

The kids were being so cute together – I just grabbed my camera to take a few photos, sort of snap-shot style, of them in action. While taking these two (above), Big Cousin very politely reminded me that he doesn’t like having his picture taken. I have to say, it is really sweet the way he says it. You feel like he is really grown up, maybe because it’s usually us grown-ups who are camera shy.

Hehe, this next photo just makes me laugh because Baby T has a big ‘ole piece of cookie in his mouth…happy as can be…

And then he decided to put the cookie in the toy (it’s a toy that bounces light-weight toy balls in the air, so he was probably wondering if it could do the same with his half-eaten cookie)…

Fun day! After the boys left, I plopped Baby O on the floor of the kitchen with some giant paper and art supplies. To my surprise, she actually did a little doodling while I tidied up…

Well, that’s all for today…Just a rather random little snippet of daily life on this end. We’re getting ready for a busy & fun weekend with the family! Hope you have a great one too!

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DebbieApril 6, 2012 - 9:37 am

Yeah! Those must be the three cutest kids in the world!!! We had such a fun time and can’t wait for our next playdate… oh wait, we don’t have to! See Baby O in a few hours!

Let’s get crafty | Houston Portrait Photographer

My amazing neighbor throws this incredible Easter party every year in the neighborhood park. Seriously, it is all-out – gorgeously decorated, so fun for the kids, and there is even a surprise appearance by the Easter Bunny himself. It is remarkable.

She asks that guests bring a gift donation for children at Star of Hope. Since I have been on a craft-supply binge lately, I thought I’d put together a few little craft-packages. I think something like this would also be a nice care package for children in a hospital, or even for guests at a kids’ party. Each just contains a coloring book, a rub-away drawing tablet, and a box of crayons. Nothing fancy. I later thought I could have added stickers for a nice touch. I really liked this donation/cause because it got me thinking of other kids in need, and contemplating other ways to help.

Last week I asked if anyone had any safe craft ideas for young toddlers and I got some great feedback! I ran out and got several of the “My First Crayola” products, sidewalk chalk, etc. However, I think Baby O isn’t quite ready for crafts…She still wants to eat all of the crayons and markers! My Mother-in-Law had the great idea of having her “paint” with icing…So, we tried that out and she was quite enthralled…

This craft project was a success! And the finished product is going in her Daddy’s lunch tomorrow…what a surprise! Hope you’re having a great week & thank you for reading!

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DebbieApril 4, 2012 - 6:49 am

So cute, Jane! I love it!

Renee FosterApril 4, 2012 - 8:33 am

Haha! Who would have known you’d try that? She looks like she is having fun and her dad will be so excited to get her work of art. Maybe you should color mashed potatoes sometime and let her play with that?

Sneak Peek – Outdoor Family Session | Houston Portrait Photographer

This family is downright awesome. The Mr. & Mrs. are incredible parents (and good friends of ours). I’ve often looked to them for guidance during Baby O’s first year. Their two daughters are absolutely beautiful, well-mannered, and silly. It was a pleasure to photograph them!

In an effort to solicit genuine smiles from the girls, we were dancing to “Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, Yeah!”…I’ll refrain from typing all of the lyrics for risk of complete embarrassment. If you know the song I’m talking about, then you can appreciate the humor of seeing 4 adults and a few kids dancing to it in the park at 9am on a Saturday morning.

Thank you for reading! XOXO

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” Naptime ” | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

I took these two photos about a year ago when Baby O was 6 months old. I just looove how sweet she looks when she’s sleeping! Honestly, I’m sure all little kids look so cute when they’re sleeping. Maybe because, when awake, they’re these spitballs of energy and they express a kaleidoscope of emotions and expressions. You wonder if they’ll ever slow down. And then, just then, they konk out for a good ‘ol nap…

I had my camera on the highest ISO setting for these (i.e. they’re super grainy), but I didn’t want to risk waking her by turning on the lights. Oh, I love those little fingers…

She’s nearing 1.5 years and I thought this rainy day would be perfect for some more sweet, sleepy baby photos for the family album. I waited until the end of her nap, and tried to sneak into her room without disturbing her. Turns out, she was already awake, just rubbing her sheepish eyes…

…And playing with her mobil. She’s learned how to turn it on herself, but cranking the knob…

…But she has to do some maneuvering to reach it…

…And, quite frankly, it often results in this – The collapse of the mobil…

…But, she’s happy! And she wiggles her rear end to the music, feeling content that she accomplished it on her own.

What a silly girl! I hope you’re having a fun week. Does anyone know about crafts you can do with a 1.5 year old? I am just chomping at the bit to start having crafty time with her, but I’m not sure if I know of any supplies that are really “safe” at this age. I’d love any suggestions. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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