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This Sunday is, apparently, Earth Day! I had to look it up to be sure. I love some of these clever ideas for the kids…When Baby O is older I hope to try some out with her…

Going Left-Right and Top-Bottom…(TL: Plant Pals, TM: Can-Do Robots…my Favorite!, TR: Party Hats out of Maps and a gorgeous DIY globe, ML: Tin-Can Herb Pots, MR: Earth Day Craft Crayons, BL: DIY toilet paper roll peat pots, BM: Earth Day Party Favors, BR: Grass-Head Guys).

Perhaps if you have older kids, you’ll enjoy trying some of those ideas out this weekend! Yesterday Baby O and I met her cousins at the Zoo. It was her first time to go and I was soo excited for her! I brought my fancy camera in hopes of catching some priceless moments of her brushing the baby goats in the petting zoo. Turns out she was much more interested in the playground. We played here while waiting for her cousins to meet us…

I processed these a little different, for fun. The thing about playground equipment is it’s usually a bright color and it bounces all over onto your kid’s skin tone when you’re taking photos of them. Have you ever noticed that?? So, I processed these with a bit of a “vintage” tone, to pretend the color variation was on purpose! 😉

I love these next three because she has these very goofy moments every once in a while, where she’s hopped up on excitement and she starts babbling up a storm and flailing her little hands around as if she’s talking with her gal pals about something oh so juicy…

Here she is waiting to go across the “shaky” bridge…

…and her  genuine excitement when her Big Cousin comes bounding across the bridge…Seriously, she’s not yawning – She is pure excitement here…

And a quick shot of Little Cousin…

These are the only pics of all three of the cousins together from yesterday…sitting in a hippos mouth. All around a GOOD DAY! (Minus the stomach bug that Big Cousin ended up getting!)

Sooo, I’m thinking that, in honor of Earth Day, we should all try to get out and enjoy the great outdoors this weekend!! Have a good one!

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Debbie BishopApril 20, 2012 - 6:58 am

We had so much fun too! Let’s do it again (minus the stomach bug)!

Renee FosterApril 20, 2012 - 11:39 am

We went to the zoo a week ago and seriously, the goats weren’t that much fun! You have really captured some great expressions on O. The look of trepidation before she crosses the bridge, the look of excitement when her cousins come. I love watching her discover her world.

Free to Be | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

Have you ever heard of the “Montessori Method”? Part of the Montessori Method states that “We must teach our children to be free so that they may live in a free society,” or something along those lines (I’m paraphrasing here). I’ve just ordered my first book on how to incorporate this Method into our home life, so I should be able to share more once I’ve delved into it. For now, I’m starting with this simple concept. I’m trying to create “smaller” spaces in the home, scaled to Baby O. For instance, we’ve just started feeding her at a tiny table, with a pint-sized chair, giving her her own utensils and dishes.

She has the ability to get up and walk around if she wants, before coming back for another bite. Some people might say that teaches bad manners, but I think it must be empowering for her to have the freedom to choose.

For a toddler who hasn’t been eating a lot the first 1.5 years of life, I’ve already noticed that she ends up eating much more, and trying more of my healthy foods, than she did before (she is quite possibly the pickiest eater EVER).She has the freedom to stand in her chair…

…and wander around…

 …But she’s certainly eating well, and I’m happy!

In our ongoing effort to make the house toddler-friendly, we painted our wooden fridge doors with a layer of magnetic paint, followed by chalkboard paint. It’s super rough and grainy (unfortunately…my fault for not truly mixing the magnetic paint for ten full minutes!), but I’m so happy that this is another pint-sized feature for her use. She seems to enjoy scribbling, sometimes while eating, sometimes after…

For all the parents of toddlers out there…I would love to hear other ideas you might have for making a happy home life for Baby. Seriously, I would LOVE more ideas.

If you subscribe by email, you may have noticed my absence this past week…Oops! We had some sick days here in the Foster Household, and between that and photo editing, I decided I’d better stay focused on those tasks first. But, I sure do love this blog and am happy to be back!

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Debbie BishopApril 18, 2012 - 12:52 pm

I love Baby O’s little space! So cute! Baby T loved it today too! When I observed a Montessori school recently, I saw tots working on things like “planting” plastic flowers in little pots with coffee beans for soil. They were using tot-sized gardening tools, which are always cute! Also washing dishes in small sinks (maybe a large bucket on the ground – outside! – would work). Big Brother W always loved washing dishes!

adminApril 18, 2012 - 3:40 pm

Oh my goodness, that’s a good idea…I would love to have her “help” wash dishes! She always wants my yellow cleaning gloves. Maybe they make a kid version for pretend-play.

MarcyApril 18, 2012 - 6:36 pm

Funny, we were just having a discussion about Montessori over dinner.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

Mother’s Day is a month away! For all you Moms out there (or loving Husbands, perhaps?), let me give you ample notice of our May Stella & Dot Giveaway! My sister is offering a $25 credit to one reader, chosen at random (i.e. Baby O will probably draw your name out of a hat personally).

For a Mom’s Day gift, I would recommend the Birthstone Charms for your child(ren)’s birth month(s). I have one and I treasure it. They come in gold or silver and are $19 each. They pair well with the “Mom” charm ($34) or “Initial” charms ($29 each). There are some great chains available too. (The bottom-left image in this collage is an example of pairing birthstones with other charms.)


Interested in entering? It’s pretty simple and hassle-free..

Check out the Stella and Dot website, here.

Leave a comment here on this blog post, mentioning one of your favorite pieces of jewelry from Stella & Dot.

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Hope that’s fairly straight-forward and fun. You can certainly enter again, even if you participated or won a Giveaway in the past…So, check it out if you have a moment! The winner will be announced a week before Mother’s Day and I’ll have periodic updates/reminders about it before then.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Debbie BishopApril 11, 2012 - 7:11 am

I have several great S&D pieces, but my newest one, the coral necklace shown above, is a favorite! It just arrived, so I can stop borrowing Carolyn’s! I already subscribe to her newsletter. Love you girls!

adminApril 11, 2012 - 10:01 am

Awesome!! I know, I love that coral necklace on you. Thanks for entering!

[…] out last week’s post to enter in a drawing for a Stella & Dot Jewelry Giftcard (perfect for Mother’s […]

[…] of Carolyn, check out her Stella & Dot Jewelry Giveaway, if you haven’t already. And have an awesome week. Thanks for […]

Diana HoldenApril 23, 2012 - 11:22 am

I also love the coral necklace. I really like the way you can attach a brooch if you like. I also like Renegade for those days when you can wear gold. The Jezebel and hematite link necklaces are wonderful with all colors, they seem to go with everything! I am happy with all of my S & D purchases!

adminApril 24, 2012 - 6:45 pm

Oh, great comments! I too love that white flower brooch on the coral necklace. So cute & versatile!

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mary joMay 15, 2012 - 1:04 pm

The la coco rope necklace is stunning!

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Family, Friends, & Warm Bread | Houston Portrait Photographer

Super short post today, as we’ve just gotten back in town from a wonderful long weekend with Family. (Well, okay, I actually stayed behind for a friend’s Wedding Reception, and then joined them Sunday morning.) My family celebrates Easter and, as part of the tradition, my Mom always bakes this amazing Easter Bread. As we’ve gotten older, and branched off into families of our own, she often has to double the recipe just to have enough to send some home with each of us. A slice of warm Easter bread with a little melted butter is Ah…Maze…Ing! Perhaps the fact that we only have it once a year makes it all the more special…

If you’d like this recipe, let me know and I’ll ask if I can post it here for all to enjoy. I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend…Have a great Monday! XOXO

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Play Day | Houston Portrait Photographer for Babies, Kids, & Families

I have some adorable nephews…I’ve gotta say! This is O’s Little Cousin, Baby T. He is eating one of the deeelicious oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies my sister brought over. Mmmm…

…I ate several of them too and I laughed and patted my tummy and said, “Mmmm, cookie monster!”. To which O’s Big Cousin said, “Cookie Monster? We have a cookie monster at our house too!”. I thought he might be referring to my fellow sweet-tooth sister, his Mom. But, apparently he meant they really do have a stuffed animal cookie monster. Well, here in my house, I eat more than my share of fresh-baked cookies…I am the resident “cookie monster”!

The kids were being so cute together – I just grabbed my camera to take a few photos, sort of snap-shot style, of them in action. While taking these two (above), Big Cousin very politely reminded me that he doesn’t like having his picture taken. I have to say, it is really sweet the way he says it. You feel like he is really grown up, maybe because it’s usually us grown-ups who are camera shy.

Hehe, this next photo just makes me laugh because Baby T has a big ‘ole piece of cookie in his mouth…happy as can be…

And then he decided to put the cookie in the toy (it’s a toy that bounces light-weight toy balls in the air, so he was probably wondering if it could do the same with his half-eaten cookie)…

Fun day! After the boys left, I plopped Baby O on the floor of the kitchen with some giant paper and art supplies. To my surprise, she actually did a little doodling while I tidied up…

Well, that’s all for today…Just a rather random little snippet of daily life on this end. We’re getting ready for a busy & fun weekend with the family! Hope you have a great one too!

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DebbieApril 6, 2012 - 9:37 am

Yeah! Those must be the three cutest kids in the world!!! We had such a fun time and can’t wait for our next playdate… oh wait, we don’t have to! See Baby O in a few hours!