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R is for Red…& Raspberry Jam! ( Adventures in Preschool )

Do you love the smell of homemade bread, baking in the oven? It’s one of my favorite smells! So, while looking over the Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plans for February, I was a bit excited about the suggested book and bread-making exercise. 1.) Activity #1 : R is for Raspberry Jam I love to squeeze seeds and avocados […]

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Scrumptious Scottish Scones | Kids in the Kitchen

Our daughter received a Princess Cookbook for Christmas the year before last and she loves it. She has been saying fairly consistently for a year now that she wants to be a Baker when she grows up (though every once in a while she wants to be a Mermaid or a Scientist or a Mommy instead […]

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Got EggNog? | Houston Family Photographer

Do you have leftover Egg Nog in the back of your fridge, threatening to expire any day now? (We did, particularly due to the fact that my husband and I both stocked up on it on the same day, without realizing the other person was getting some too.) Try this recipe out! I used… 1C […]

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