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O goes to an AMAZING co-operative Preschool here in Houston, and Z still stays home with me. It’s been great, though ever since his third Birthday or so, he seems like he could use something a little more. So, this week, I’m starting a little daily lesson plan, for both kids, and I’ll see where that takes us!

I stumbled across this lady’s alphabet plans and I’m mostly following it, with a few revisions here or there. 

This week, we’ll talk about the letter R.

I started by getting us together in a circle, having the kids have a “name card” because they love that kind of thing. You can sing a little song to bring the lesson together. And then ask, “If you have a ‘v’ in your name, can you bring me your name ticket? And can you show us the letter ‘v’ in your name?”. And repeat for the second child. Then…

I introduced the letter and asked them for ideas of words that start with the letter R. And proceeded into this activity…

1.) Activity #1 : R is for Road

Link to printable giant “R” . I printed this on thick paper and used it to cut two R’s out of black  construction paper and then drew the road lines with white crayon. I dug through the kids’ desk drawers and located some car stickers, and *poof!*…that project was prepped! The kids LOVED this!…

R is for Road - 1

2.) Activity #2 : Writing Practice

Link to printable “R” letter writing sheets. I printed this on thick paper and let O & Z write away. Admittedly, Z (age 3) only loosely did this and it didn’t hold his attention for long, but I think it is great practice for both of them.IMG_6634-blogsize copyIMG_6637-blogsize

3.) Activity #3 : R is for Rocks

Link to printable giant “R”. I printed two more copies of this, and gave each child a copy. We talked about how the word “Rock” starts with an “R”, and we ran outside to gather up a collection of pretty ones. The kids filled up the letters with rocks, using their toy trucks to do the “heavy lifting”. Then we set that aside and moved on to the next activity…


4.) Activity #4 : R is for Rubber Bands

Link to Rubber Band pegboard kit. I know there are great ways to make your own pegboard, but we already had these on hand, and we love them! I showed how we could make a blocky letter “R” out of rubber bands, and we also quickly realized we could also make Rectangles! Fun times!

R is for Rubber Bands

5.) Activity #5 : R is for Raisins (Snack Time!)

I slipped the giant letter “R” sheets into clean plastic sleeves and let the kids fill them in with Raisins. They also gobbled up lunch, which totally did not start with the letter “R”. 😉


6.) Activity #6: Coloring Rocks

Link to Coloring Rocks tutorial. We set the oven to 250F and baked our rocks on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet for 15 minutes. We took it outside and colored with glitter crayons. So fun! But it was indeed really hot, so I put thick oven mitts on the sides of the trays to help give the kids a little buffer.


This was our first day of “Blue School” (as the kids like to call our “homeschool” lessons – it’s named by Z, because blue is his favorite color ;-)). We started just after breakfast/getting dressed and the whole thing took about 2 leisurely hours, ending with Snack/Lunch and then coloring rocks and then they just played outside until it was time to go on with our day. They seemed to love it and, I have to admit, so did I! I am so excited to try more of the lesson plans from “Preschool Alphabet” and more! 

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