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Continuing our “R” Series this week, today we talked about RAIN. I purchased this book for the kids and could hardly wait to do some activities to go along with it; “Down Comes the Rain” (from the “Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out-Science” series). This book is AMAZING. I love this series in general. Z (age 3) has so many questions about thunder and lightning, so I plan to check out this book next.

1.) Activity #1 : Condensation and Evaporation

We poured a glass of ice water and watched as the outside of the glass began to get wet. We talked about how “water vapor in the air is condensing on the glass” (pg. 14, “Down Comes the Rain”). 

The kids then put 2tsp. of water into a bowl and set it outside. Several hours later, there was no water! It had all evaporated! O (age 5) thought that was pretty remarkable!

evaporationWe talked about how the “heat from the sun causes the water to evaporate. The water changes from a liquid to a gas and the water vapor goes into the air“. (pg. 10-11, “Down Comes the Rain”) 

2.) Activity #2 : Making Rain Experiment

We did this awesome experiment by filling an aluminum pie pan with ice…

Ice Cloud …and holding it over a pot of boiling water on the stove.

IMG_6838-blogsize 3.) Activity #3 : R is for Rain

I put out these giant blue R’s, cotton balls, water droplet construction paper cutouts, and glue, as an invitation-to-create (inspiration here). 

R is for RainIt was a full day today so we only did these three activities about Rain. I did notice them chattering about rain throughout the day, pretending it was raining in the bathtub (using watering cans), and I even caught them climbing into the pots-and-pans cabinet, pretending to hide from the rain. So, I think they found it interesting.

Maybe we’ll do a dance party to this song soon. 😉 I’m looking forward to our next Letter “R” activity inspired by the Preschool Alphabet Blog! And I’d love more ideas if you’d like to share! 😉

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