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Strawberry-Banana Ice-Cream | Kids in the Kitchen

YUM! Here in Houston, the weather is only tip-toeing slowly in the direction of “cold”. It’s still incredibly hot at times, though I suspect these hot days are soon ending. So, we’re enjoying a fun hot-weather treat today! There are so many ways to do this, but here is one of our favorites; In a […]

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A Camping Re-Cap & Our Love for Homemade Pizza

This past weekend was our first camping trip with the kids (and with our family friends)! It was rainy and cold-ish (by our Houstonian standards), and one of those no-dry-clothes-left-for-the-kids-so-they-are-forced-to-wear-their-jammies-on-the-second-day kind of experiences. It was awesome! The rain cleared on the second day and the kids were able to do some fishing. We had s’mores. We […]

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