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Made with Love | Houston Newborn, Child & Family Photographer

I personally love handmade kids’ gifts and hope to be the recipient of many more in the future. If you have a little one at home, you might consider checking out a pottery painting place too! And be encouraged…it’s probably never too young to start. (Painted hand or foot prints on a mug make an excellent gift!)

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Being in the Moment | Houston Photographer for Newborns, Kids & Families

My photo advice to all of us parents? BE IN THE MOMENT : These photos were taken in mid-day sun…Kind of the worst time for portraits, particularly if you can’t get your little subject into a patch of shade lest loosing the spontaneity of the moment. If you can, move around your little muse and snap photos from different angles, as some will have fewer shadows, depending on the direction of the sun. When in doubt, I say click away. As a parent, you’ll surely love these kinds of photos of your child, even if they don’t win you any artistic awards.

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