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Hi there! Alright, please excuse the less than stellar lighting here…I was sort of winging it in an effort to be quick & efficient about it (had to get back to to “Momming”). But, I wanted to be sure to share the details, in the event that any one out there is planning a “Ball Theme” Birthday Party and is eager to see some of the things my Sister did for her Son’s! (In case you didn’t see the earlier post, here is a look at the Invitations we did for this party.)

Below: Circular sugar cookies with colored icing; Cute & Sweet Vanilla Cake. I like how my Sister put a few dots on the sides of the cake as well.; Colored Cupcakes…perfect.

Below: My Sister put the plastic toy balls in various containers around the house, such as this one. There were also bags of them in the living room for the kids to play with.; The napkins and plates couldn’t match more. She got them at HEB of all places.; In lieu of a goody-bag, each guest could take a ball from the bucket. I think they liked them so much they started playing with them well before the party ended.

I like how she kept things clean and simple. She had in-laws in town, the boys got sick the week before, etc. Rather than thinking of all of the crazy elaborate things she could do and stressing herself out about it, she really made it simple, classy, and fun. I don’t think I’d ever seen so many energetic, wild and happy kids at a party before. She did a really great job.

Check out the Birthday Boy, with a little encouragement from his adoring Cousin, Baby O…

Oh, I love his sweet expressions…I want to scoop him up and take him home with me! That’s normal, right? 😉

And, time to eat cake!…I love how Baby T just went for it. He grabbed fist-fulls of cake and crumbled it up. He dumped the plate over to see if he was missing anything underneath. I don’t know if he ate much of it, but I think he really enjoyed the experience. My husband and I were chuckling at what a sophisticated little lady Baby O was feigning to be. Look at her with her using a fork…where did this grown toddler come from? (She isn’t so well-mannered at home.)

 A Few Other Fun Ball-Theme Party Ideas:

Martha Stewart’s Bouncy Party Cake & Decor

A Bouncing Baby Boy’s 1st Birthday Party

Circle Garland – Tutorial

Circular Photos – My Sister also had the idea to print photos of him at various stages throughout the past year and use a circle template to cut them out in the shape of circles. They could be displayed in different areas of the party and/or in the form of a Garland (using the idea of the “Circle Garland Tutorial” above, only using larger circles, and probably hanging them on the wall, rather than draping them like a garland.

For Food, she served circular items, when possible. She had on the menu; Bagel Bites, Corn Dog Poppers, Cantaloupe & Honeydew Melons scooped out into tiny balls, round crackers with cheese, etc. Also, a bowl full of brightly colored fruit juice boxes for the kids.

It was a big hit, all around! I hope you enjoy the ideas. In case you haven’t noticed, I do looove me a good kids’ theme party. I would love to see links to any theme parties you’ve thrown. I’m always looking for ideas for Baby O’s next Birthday.

Have a great day & thank you for reading!

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