Best Beginner’s Crochet Hat Patterns…Ever | Houston Baby, Child, & Family Portrait Photographer

Okay, so I’m being a bit naughty in that I’ve already posted a few of these photos before AND talked about these hats before. BUT, I was sifting through my favorite family photos from 2011 and I couldn’t stop smiling at these.

I wanted to take a moment to post about these hat patterns, in the event that there are any readers out there who think it would be fun to crochet something simple, but are a tad intimidated to start. Enter…Adrienne Engar. Her instructions are SO easy to follow. The patterns I bought from her were the first hats I ever crocheted…and they’re getting a ton of use. (Resources at bottom of post.)

I’ve made her monkey hat pattern:

…her owl hat pattern…

And her monster hat pattern (here and here).

I also really enjoy following a basic earflap hat pattern (Adrienne’s Monkey Hat Pattern is an awesome example) and changing the colors or adding something else…

And what about an easy-peasy pattern for a newborn beanie? I love this free pattern (pictured below):

Patterns:  1. Monkey Hat, 2. Monster Hat, 3. Owl Hat , 4. Newborn Beanie {Hope you enjoy!!}

Post Update: I’ve just learned about a current Project put on by “Craft Hope“, requesting that people make crocheted beanies and tote bags for pediatric oncology patients. The details of where to send any handmade donations are here. If you live in Houston, know how to crochet or sew (or want to learn), send me a message…I’d love to get a small group together to make some things for this wonderful Project.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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3 responses to “Best Beginner’s Crochet Hat Patterns…Ever | Houston Baby, Child, & Family Portrait Photographer”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! These have to be some of my favorite pictures of Baby "Offie" ever!!!!!! Beautiful pictures and hats. =) You captured her personality wonderfully.

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