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Last week I received a comment requesting wedding detail ideas for the colors Navy and Peach…What a fun challenge! I had a great time surfing the web for ideas. I was surprised that I found plenty of great ideas, but not often in the right colors. The same goes for Etsy. {Still, I think you could use the great ideas and tailor them to match your wedding color palette.} But, to show some fun Wedding ideas in Navy + Peach, I put together this little board for Marcy and I’ll explain the details below:

navy + peach wedding

First let me say, I am a lover of romantic vintage and handmade touches, especially for weddings! Marcy said the bouquet will use blue hydrangeas which are lovely and make me think of words like, “feminine”, “classy”, and “sweet” (not to mention beautiful). If you want to bring punches of your wedding colors into the bouquet, I think this photo (from the french bouquet tulsa) shows a lovely idea of including large peach and white roses. These, in my mind, help perpetuate the theme of “feminine/classy/sweet”. To work counterclockwise here, let me point out the photo to the left of the bouquet (BL). I was searching for a blueberry wedding cake online, with the idea that a crisp white cake topped with gorgeous dark blue blueberries would be a clever way to bring in the navy (I liked it better than the idea of wrapping the tiers with navy ribbon, for instance). I found a perfect photo* of a blueberry cake (in the background) AND I think this navy/white teacup holding blue hydrangeas is an adorable touch as well…I could see these scattered around the dessert table for some easy charm.

TL: I love when the Bride wears colored/interesting shoes under her dress! This shop has really cute flower shoe clips… I like the white clips on blue shoes (pictured here) or even the peach clips on white ballerina flats, for example (The Bride would probably be much more comfortable in flats!). The next photo shoes a creative idea for making handmade “lunchbags” for the out-of-town guests. These adorable bags could be waiting for them at the hotel reception desk when they check in. If these are too much, you can always make a simpler version. Just below that is a plate that has been decoupaged…Use a smaller plate to decoupage table numbers. TM is a rosette necklace idea for the Bridesmaids. I must confess, I did not yet find one in a perfectly peach tone. This necklace was a bit darker (like coral) and I lightened it before adding it to my board. I don’t know if the designer takes custom orders, but I imagine you could request this color and/or search Etsy for something similar. TR: Bridesmaid dress idea from JCrew. Dead Center: beautiful and very feminine garter* idea. (I later found this one for sale online & think it would be perfect.)

In the BR corner I’ve shown peach cabochon earings (perhaps for the Bridesmaids) and a fun wedding favor idea (homemade jam*). I love the handmade look of these jars. I think it would be easy to put together something similar…You could even do something like blueberry and peach jam. Get family and friends to help whip up a big batch and can them. Then cut out some fabric circles with navy fabric and tie with cute ribbon or bakers twine. If you want to order pre-made labels, I did find this lady’s shop and really love her products. She didn’t have something in the right color palette, but I imagine she would take custom orders as well.

Well, Marcy, thank you for your comment and request! I hope your friend has a wonderful time planning the details for her Special Day {And, if she decides she might want an out-of-town photographer, I’d love to visit with her.} Keep in Touch!

*Photos of Cake, Garter, & Jam all from

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  1. Marcy says:

    Jane! You did a great job. Such fun things!

  2. Marcy says:

    The bride-to-be in question really enjoyed your suggestions. thanks so much!

  3. I love the baby on your banner.

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