A {Blue & Grey} “Little Elephant” Baby Shower…

Well, my Sister’s Baby Shower was actually last weekend, but I’m counting it for my Handmade Mondays this week as well because there were SOO many little crafty projects associated with it {I figured there were enough to count for two weeks, hehe}. Anyway, here are some of the photos & check out the links below as well, if you are interested in trying out any of the ideas for yourself.

Blue and Grey Baby ShowerBlue and Grey Baby ShowerBlue and Grey Baby Shower 

1. Here, my sister is modeling the satin-ribbon rosette headband I made for her. I really love making these, and might do a photo tutorial on them, just for fun, but, for now, if you are interesting in doing something similar, there is a great tutorial here.

2. Too bad I didn’t take a “before” photo…Basically, this is an empty cigar-box/pencil-box (you can find them at Michael’s). I used polyvinyl acetate (“PVA”) to adhere the blue/white polka-dot paper (from Paper Source), and decorated it w/ flowers. This box was for guests to put the notes they brought for the guest of honor (a blank notecard was included in their invitation). We strung them together to make a little note-booklet for her, as a nice memory, from the shower.

3. I had a Martha Stewart die-cutter in the shape of an elephant. I googled ideas for invites online and ended up fashioning these, inspired by something I saw online. I apologize to whomever had the idea first! (Note: If I find the right link, I will post it here!) I would have ordered invites, but I already had the die-cutter, and the paper, and the inclination to try it on my own. (Note: I blurred the invite details for the sake of privacy…). 

4. I love these darling little cupcake toppers by seller “Emanon” on Etsy. They’re topping my Mom’s AMAZING carrot-cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! My Mom really inspires me to be a better chef, and to be more nurturing in general…It is really impressive to me how she bakes – She takes 2 or 3 recipes for a dish and mixes and matches and comes up with her own version of the recipe, to best suit her family’s tastes. If you’re interested in this recipe, leave me a comment about it and I’ll be sure to share it (pending the chef’s consent of course)!

5. My sister wearing her headband & corsage (Note: the wool-felt corsage was based on the flower shoe-clippies I posted last Monday.)

6. These Thank You boxes were so fun to make! I bought all of the supplies at Paper Source…Empty fold-yourself white favor boxes, tied with 1″ thick blue satin ribbon. I used their “Thank You” stamp with Prussian Blue ink, on white cardstock, and then cut around the scallop shape (I do love scalloped shapes…can you tell?). I used a protractor to cut out a circle in blue cardstock and a larger circle in blue/white polka dot paper. Inside are peanut m&m’s….YUM!

7. Baby O modeling the blue & grey hat I crocheted for my new nephew on the way. (We can’t wait to meet him!)

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7 responses to “A {Blue & Grey} “Little Elephant” Baby Shower…”

  1. Catherine says:

    You really outdid yourself for this baby shower, Jane. The details are amazing and so adorable! You have a very lucky sister and future nephew!

  2. Christine says:

    Hi! Your invitation for the baby shower is so adorable!! I would love to have the recipe for the carrot cake cupcake, it looks delicious.


  3. […] enjoy this lady’s tutorial for rosette headbands. I used it when making the headband for my Sister’s Baby Shower, as well as for a Bride-to-Be in an Engagement Session (photos not posted yet). It is so straight […]

  4. Jessica says:

    I LOVE all of this! Planning my first baby shower for my friend and not even sure where to begin! Such a cute idea sending notecards in the invitations. What does the second part of the invitation say in the picture? It’s too blurry to read on my phone. Great job!

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