Having waaay too much fun in the kitchen | Houston Kids’ Photographer

Some pics of O enjoying the salt-dough-making project for her class valentines

 …Pausing for some seriously silly poses. I think she was rap singing and trying to be a scary “lion”, etc…Above-Left she was saying, “Let’s make cookies!!!”, as I was having a hard time explaining that salt-dough is not for eating…

Above…Making faces in the reflection provided by the mixing bowl…why not?

Below…Hm, it does look like cookie dough (yum…)…

While I stamped the “My Art” hearts, O pressed glass beads into other hearts, as an experiment. We strung these up with baker’s twine to make a garland. The beads didn’t melt – they looked pretty but many of the beads popped off after baking. Next time we’ll experiment with larger beads, so that they can be pressed further into the dough.

I’d like to try something like this. Have you experimented with beads in salt-dough? If so, how did it go? Any tips?

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Classmate Valentines – Salt-Dough Magnets!

O and I made salt-dough magnets for her classmates. They were super quick and easy AND a really fun activity to do together. It took longer figuring out how to package them, but here’s what we’ve come up with….

I made 3″x3″ cards on heavy-weight cardstock and used low-heat super-glue to attach the magnets to the cards. I used the cellophane sleeves from a Wilson lollipop kit (I found them at both Michaels and JoAnns) and just a bit of washi tape on the back. I think it makes a nice non-candy Valentine gift. You can see we love hanging things on our fridge (it is covered in Preschool Art!)… 

We used a generic salt-dough recipe: 1C flour + 1/2 C salt + 1/2 C water…Bake for about 3 hours (turning over once) at 250 degrees F. Easy as pie salt-dough.;-)What non-candy Classmate Valentine ideas do you love?

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[...] Some pics of O enjoying the salt-dough-making project for her class valentines… [...]

Valentines Roundup | Houston Childrens’ Photographer

Confession….I kind of enjoy Valentines Day…I know it’s a silly Holiday in some ways, but I like the excuse to make our pancakes into heart-shapes and to do little theme crafts with Miss O. Here is a round-up of my past Valentines-related posts (with one non-related one at the end, because I think you could make those little flags to stick in your pile of heart-shaped pancakes on Thursday morning). Instant Party.

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Free Printables

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Hope you have a great week! XX

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Baby Z’s “Mustache Bash” | Houston Mom + Portrait Photographer

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s Monday…Let’s start this week with a few photos from our son’s first birthday party way back in November (I can hardly believe he’s ONE – this guy is a riot)…

This was a very simple and sweet party – just family and close friends. If you want more inspiration, you can check out my Mustache Bash Pinterest Board here. You can see that I used several of the ideas…

Cupcake Toppers – Instant Download from Petite Party Studio … Adorable shop, awesome owner/great customer service, super-easy to download and print!

My sister also made adorable, decorated sugar cookies in the shape of neckties, but I don’t have a good photo to share. Suffice to say, they were fantastic, and really added to the party theme (thank you, Carolyn!).

I hope you’ve had a great Holiday Season! (If you landed on this page b/c you’re searching for party ideas for your Little Man, I hope you’ve found it helpful!…I always love feedback and/or questions.) XX

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Got EggNog? | Houston Family Photographer

Do you have leftover Egg Nog in the back of your fridge, threatening to expire any day now? (We did, particularly due to the fact that my husband and I both stocked up on it on the same day, without realizing the other person was getting some too.)

Try this recipe out! I used…

  • 1C Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix from Whole Foods (ignoring the directions on the packaging for this recipe)
  • 1C (Dairy-Free) Almond Milk Egg Nog
  • 3Tbsp Ground Flaxseed

The pancakes were fluffy, lightly sweet and had just that touch of festive flair to them (Note: *The Egg Nog flavor was very subtle when using the Almond Milk version, vs. the “real deal” egg nog – I prefer the Almond Milk version, but the recipe works with either.).

I cooked these in Coconut Oil too…they were just lightly crisp on the outside. YUM.

And, if you dutifully drank up your share of Egg Nog during the Holiday Season, with none to spare, then good for you! You can always save this idea for next year. Hope you’re 2014 is off to a great start!

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